The Summer Court

When the laws of the freehold was laid down by the Autumn Court, the Court of Wrath vowed to protect the freehold. If the Autumn Court act as the Stassi, the Summer Court are the KGB. Protecting those within the freehold by swearing that the Wall must stand.

While they maintaining patrols along the Hedge Wall, making sure the law against jumping the to the other side, into Arcadia are maintained (thus catching many would be Loyalist/Privateers in the act) they also conduct their own investigations within the city of Berlin.

Many outside the court deeply distrust the Summer Courtiers, due their close relationship with the Autumn court, there have been a few occasions where the two courts have worked together on intelligence gained by either court. Many join the court of Summer simply to feel safe from Autumn’s iron grasp. Many are unsure if the Autumn Court would “go easy” on a Summer Courtier if one was to cross the sights of the Ashen Court, but it’s pretty clear that the Autumn Court have remained close to Summer since the Courts inception.

Over the past two or three years there has been a tense unease when it comes to the relationship between Summer and Spring, as their respective ethics contradict each other. If there is a Spring protest, you can be sure that Summer isn’t to far behind, keeping an eye on things and making sure that the Spring Court don’t step out of line. So far the two courts have been lucky to not have a violent confrontation but it’s only a matter of time before one shoves the other just enough to lash out.

Relationships between the Autumn Court has been questionable at best. The Summer Court has sworn to protect the freehold. Do Summer protect those who are being hunted down by the Autumn Court? Sometimes, they have stepped in when they feel need to but most of the time, the Summer Court honestly feel that the Autumn Court have good reason to hunt down the dissidents of the freehold, but they make it clear, that more often than not, the court of Summer will refuse to get involved in the political affairs of the Ashen Court.

The Summer Court

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