Maxwell Frost

Changeling: Missing Leader of the Winter court


Them posters keep appearing across the city, and it’s becoming a problem. Autumn is getting pretty tired of the whole thing, but thankfully, no one outside the Freehold is asking any questions. As I turn a corner, I see some kid in the process of sticking to the wall of a beat up old shop. I take him by surprise as I slam him against the wall. The poor kid is terrified, his eyes wide, he asks me if I’m a member of autumn. “no” I replied “But if you’re hearts with winter child, I suggest you drop what your doing and run before they find you!” – The kids smart, and takes the order, as he walks away, I turn and ask “oh before you go, tell me. Who’s Max Frost?”


The question has always been asked. Exactly who is Maxwell Frost? Well, it depends on who you ask. The courts have wildly different opinions on the matter. Autumn will tell you that Frost doesn’t exist and is a farce set up by Winter, and the sooner the court drop the whole idea, the better. Spring will tell you he was once a brave man who did what was best for the freehold. But if you ask a winter courtier, they will most likely tell you “We are Max Frost.”

Does that mean Max Frost doesn’t exist, quite possibly. However, Max could have been a man in the right place at the right time, with just enough will power to forge the court in Winter, simply to disappear once his work was done. If that’s true, will he ever return, possibly! Yet the beauty of his anonymity means that just about anyone within the court can rise to take the claim of Frost. Given that they’re powerful enough to hold the ideals of the court and trust of the people.

Maxwell Frost

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