The Hedge Wall

“Go build that wall until it’s done
so go built that wall till it’s done
But no you got know where to run
So build that wall, and built it strong,
‘cause we’ll be there before to long…”

Build That Wall – Darren Korb

Ever since the Berlin Wall was ripped apart by Mortal and Supernatural alike, the entire Freehold has become an explosion waiting to happen. You see, for the Lost of Berlin, their wall never fell. Take a trip into the hedge around Berlin, and you’re likely to run into the Hedge Wall within minutes of entering.

The Hedge wall is a giant structure of concrete and other materials found running through the hedge of Berlin. At the top of the structure lies thorns that will move and try to snare anyone attempting to climb over. Every few weeks, one can walk down to various sections and find bodies ensnared in the vines grasp from those who tried to climb over while escaping Arcadia. Many claim that the vines are carnivorous and there is enough evidence to support that claim.

Over the years many people have left markings across the wall, be it posters or simply spray painting tags or political statements relating to the Freehold of Berlin, such as “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!” – As a whole, the wall doesn’t have any obvious openings that one could use to by-pass the wall. However many Lost and local hedge wildlife find ways, be it burrowing under the wall, finding cracks, or through sheer ingenuity.

It should be noted that wall appears to have no end, and like the hedge it rests inside, appears to be somewhat psycho active to those around it. There have been tales of people appearing on the other side of the wall without actually climbing it or by other means. Others have claimed that they hit the wall while trying to escape from Arcadia, only to turn around, and find themselves 3 feet away from walking into the city of Berlin.

The Berlin Freehold strictly forbids many from going anywhere near the wall. The Summer court often make patrols across one side of the wall, in hopes to stop people from crossing into Arcadia. Trying to jump the wall is seen with extreme hostility, and the Freehold try their best to prevent people from interacting with the wall itself.

On a last note, it has almost been lost to history as to who exactly built the wall in the first place. There are records of Changeling’s taking part in the wall’s construction along with Hobgoblins during the early 60’s but it seems the wall took a mind of it’s own since then. Many people feel the wall actually grew like a living plant but there has been many who are quick to debunk such claims.

The Hedge Wall

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