The Spring Court

“And the record begins with a song of rebellion!”
- Belt, by Say Anything

The Spring Court feels it’s on the verge of changing the freehold. Although they’re the smallest of the four courts, they’re young, and they’re loud, and people are starting to notice. The Court claims they’re made by the people, for the people and simply put, the Spring Court want the Hedge Wall to fall, for the good of the entire freehold. They directly oppose the Walls existence by either protest or straight out rebellion, they look at the freehold at large, and while the wall still stands, they spit in the freeholds face and give it the finger. It’s not clear if they entire court is unified in the idea of bringing down the hedge wall, but looking at court as a whole, it’s pretty clear that’s the unified push forward.

You would think that the Spring Court would be none existent with their attitude and actions of straight out rebellion. What with the Autumn Court punishing any indiscretion with an iron fist but frankly, the Spring Courts downfall has largely been due to it’s small membership and it’s lack of action over the years, many outside the Spring Court feel the court itself is all talk and no bite. The Autumn Court will no doubt take severe action once the Spring Court starts snapping at hands, but right now, the Spring Court is seen as nothing more as a loud nuisance, filled with young, disillusioned members.

What happens if the Wall eventually falls is up for debate, although Johann has stated many times that he will help the Freehold adjust to life without the Hedge Wall, but many wonder if he is prepared to deal with the aftermath of his actions.

The Hedge Wall aside, the spring court simply asks that you find your passion, and keep that passion alive like a burning touch. Do not let the Freehold take away what you care about and live every day like it fucking matters.

The Spring Court

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